West Coast bound

The month of April has come and gone. After a winter on the road (and too few in the classroom) it was time to rest up the legs and put the brain to work. As I prepared for exams, I got a little taste of what it was like to be a full time student. It was refreshing to change my focus from my skis to my books and to replace my hours of training and napping with studying and coffee drinking. I was glad when it all paid off as I officially finished a little over a year of my university degree.
This year, for the first time, I finished school before the end of the off-season. So, a couple days after exams were over, I packed my shorts and sun screen and caught a typical Thunder Bay 5:30 AM flight to Vancouver for a little vacation. (Thanks to my amazing friend Sadie White who kindly sacrificed her sleep to drive me to the airport). In Vancouver, I met up with Jack and my sister and we headed to our final destination, Tofino!  We spent over a week on the west coast camping with friends including my two brothers. It was great to have a sibling reunion on the other side of the country. I had never been to the West Coast before, and I was not disappointed! Thanks to Emilie, I have lots of pictures of the trip to share with you!

We found big trees!!!

As it turns out, fires are hard to get going on the humid West Coast

Getting ready to go surfing

Rocking the wetsuits

Decent view on a jog along the ocean

Displaying IMG_3442.JPG

A beautiful day for a picnic

Eating fresh crab on the fishing boat

View from the boat

The only fish we caught… although our guides gave us some salmon and halibut at the end.

our little fishing boat
The crew
Displaying IMG_3442.JPG
Surfing at sunset
After Tofino, I went to Canmore for a week and skied at Sunshine!
Cooking up the fish on the campfire

I am now back in Thunder Bay and eager to get into the regular training routine. Unfortunately I have come down with a slight cold and have missed out on most of my teams annual Boot Camp (testing week) which runs until the 22nd. I am in full recovery mode and hoping to be back on track as soon as possible!

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