Dear Mom

In honour of Mother’s Day, here is a little message to my mom. I haven’t been able to celebrate this day with her for quite some years now, but I hope that through this message everyone can celebrate the amazing women she was with me.


Dear Mom,


Thank you for always being my number one fan,

For believing that I deserved recognition for my accomplishments,

And for teaching me that there is no harm in being proud of myself.


Thank you for always being confident in yourself,

For scolding me that one time I said “it hurts to be beautiful”

And for teaching me that being myself is enough.


Thank you for believing in practicality first,

For embarrassing me that one time you pretended to be pregnant at the movie theater so that we could sneak in popcorn,

And for teaching me that what other people think of you is not important at all.


Thank you for sharing your love for the outdoors,

For taking me swimming, biking and running,

And for teaching me the importance of enjoying a beautiful day.


Thank you for being stubborn,

For hiking a mountain in the Adirondacks when you were in treatment,

And for teaching me to never give up.


For these reasons and many many more, I want to thank you for being the best role model I could ask for.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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